We are very thankful to our Sponsors & associates

Sincere thanks go to the Volunteer Team of Working Members as well as to our Visitors for their generosity

The XM496 Preservation Society is pleased to publicly thank the companies, organisations and individuals listed below for their valued assistance supporting the Society. We include links to web sites that may be of interest.


Air Salvage International Ltd

Air Salvage International (ASI) is a globally respected provider of professional asset management services to banks, lessors, insurance companies and commercial airlines. With experience of over 700 projects worldwide over the last 20 years, our disassembly services have been at the industry forefront. We handle 14% of the global disassembly market annually – either at our UK Centre of Excellence, or airports across the world.

Kemble Air Services

Cotswold Airport was formerly known as RAF Kemble and now is a very busy airport for microlights, general aviation, corporate aircraft and airliners. The airport is open to the public everyday, including weekends, and boasts a very successful restaurant that offers superb food and views of the runway from its south facing sun terrace.

Royal Air Force Museum Cosford

Discover the amazing stories of those who have served in the RAF. Housed in our wartime hangars and in the National Cold War Exhibition you will find a fantastic display of aircraft and exhibits. Learn about the bravery of pilots in Test Flight and see the last surviving example of a Boulton Paul Defiant Mk 1 in War in the Air.

Britannia Association 

The Britannia Association is now defunct but there are still many ex-members, both Royal Air Force and Women’s Royal Air Force, who were associated with the Bristol Britannia, that still wish to maintain contact not only with each other but also with Britannia XM496 ‘Regulus’. They currently meet once a year and also include time to re-new their acquaintance again with the aeroplane.

Royal Air Force 99 Squadron

Based at RAF Brize Norton the home of the RAF’s transport and air-to-air refueling capability. The first unit to convert to Wellington Bombers in WWII. Former aircraft include the DH.9 bomber and the Britannia. Supported the hurricane relief effort in Belize in 1961 and in the Caribbean in 2017.

Duxford Aviation Society

Duxford Aviation Society (DAS) is a voluntary organisation which came into being in 1975 and is a partner organisation of the Imperial War Museum (IWM).