• News Item 1: THE REPAINT.    Thanks to the very kind generosity of all those members plus others that contributed to the paint fund, we can announce that the re-paint will commence on Saturday 14th September. Donelan Decorations, the company that has painted a number of aircraft at Duxford, has been contracted to paint the upper elevations of ‘Regulus’. The necessary equipment (an articulated boom and scissor platform) to carry out this work, has been hired through Air Salvage International at very favourable rates. Sean Donelan, has also sourced all the consumables and materials required for the total re-paint, with the remaining areas being completed by volunteers when possible. In addition, new lettering/numbering and graphics in 10 year warranted vinyl, have been ordered but these cannot be applied until any paintwork has dried thoroughly – a process that could take up to 4 weeks. To ensure no errors in their application these will be professionally put on. It must therefore be expected that completion of the entire project will not happen until at least Spring 2020 and is weather dependent.

  • News Item 2:  CAPTCHATo introduce an element of security into the provision and completion of the various forms on the website, ‘Google reCaptcha’ has been added to the relevant pages. This will require anyone who completes a form for submission to tick the box “I am not a robot”, otherwise the form will not dispatch.  Together, with the provision of additional anti-spamming measures, it is hoped that the amount of spam will be reduced or hopefully eradicated.

  • News Item 3: NEWSLETTERThe next Newsletter will be published in early December. Anyone who wishes to submit copy for approval and inclusion is requested do so by 5th November.