• News Item 1: THE REPAINT Pt 2.  The initial phase of the re-paint, namely the  white fuselage top and fin, was finished on schedule although due to some overnight falls in temperature creating a heavy morning dew on the aircraft plus a problem with the scissor lift, the daily plan had to be altered somewhat. Fortunately we were able to quickly obtain another boom and one of our new members was able to step in at short notice and supply additional manpower. A decision was made that with the onset of autumn it would be wise to wait until the spring before doing any further major painting and with the purchase of all the additional paints and application equipment this can be commenced at anytime. The ‘spare’ time will now be spent with continuing to address the issue of the external corrosion both with filling and replacing panels as necessary, plus the ongoing rubbing down and preparing the metal surfaces for priming. Once the painting is finished we will add the new graphics and to ensure no errors in their application these will be applied by a professional who is experienced in fixing vinyl transfers to aircraft surfaces. It has to be expected that completion of this entire project, because it is very much weather dependent, will not happen until at least Summer 2020 – but hopefully before. (Above photo – the first phase completed)

  • News Item 2: DECEMBER NEWSLETTER.  The Newsletter has now been printed and will shortly be arriving in the letterbox of those who are members of the ‘Friends’. Free copies will be available on board the aircraft subject to availability. If you want to ensure that you receive a copy of this bi-annual publication why not avail yourself of membership of the ‘Friends Of The Britannia’? You will not only receive your Newsletters sent to you direct by post but will also receive a quality logo pen plus a member’s DVD that depicts amongst other video excerpts, the spectacular arrival of ‘Regulus’ at Kemble/Cotswold Airport in October 1997. The cost of Membership is a very reasonable £10 per annum with all proceeds going towards the upkeep of the aircraft. Please see the application form under the title ‘MEMBERSHIP OR DONATIONS’ (above).

  • Update 1: reCAPTCHA.  Some of you may have noticed that the reCAPTCHA security declaration has now selectively moved to a 2-part system requiring additional input by identifying parts of a photograph. Like all organisations who maintain a website we are bombarded with some pretty appalling spam from the ‘low-life’ that has little to do other than be a nuisance. reCAPTCHA doesn’t exactly solve the problem completely but goes someway to relieving it.


  • Update 2: DONATIONS. In response to a number of requests for the facility to make donations to XM496 from the website, a minor modification to the ‘Form’ has been made under the Title Heading MEMBERSHIP OR DONATIONS. Please follow the instruction to differentiate your requirement and may we thank you most sincerely for your kindness. Any monies donated are used entirely for the upkeep of the aircraft.

  • News Item 3: DE-HUMIDIFIER. A new additional but higher powered EBAC de-humidifier has been installed on board to hopefully further reduce the amount of condensation that is collecting inside the aircraft. Initial operation has shown an extraction rate of 2-3 litres of water per day which proves it is doing its job. The tech guys have now joined the machine to an auto drainage system which will enable continuous operation.

  • News Item 4: ELECTRICS UPGRADE. It is planned to upgrade the externally connected electrical system to enable up to 3 x 2.0Kw fan-heaters plus other ancillaries to be operated on winter open days. A quote has been received which has been accepted and work should commence soon on the upgrade.

  • News Item 5: ATTENDANCE AT AVIATION EVENTS. It is planned to give more exposure to ‘Regulus’ at future Air Events to publicise not only our ‘raison d’être’  but also to increase the membership of the ‘Friends of The Britannia’. To this end we have invested in a portable gazebo and a 2m folding table. It is also hoped to source two easel-style metal display/white boards for presentations. The first event will be at the Abingdon Airshow on Sunday 17th May followed by the Cotswold Fly-In on the weekend of the 30th and 31st May.