• News Item 1: JOHN MANSELL. It is with much sorrow that the Society announces the passing of our esteemed colleague, John Mansell. John died peacefully on the morning of Wednesday 6th of May. He was one of our longest standing members and until his failing health intervened, he was invariably present on all the open days keeping the visitors entertained and also on maintenance days keeping the working members entertained! He will be greatly missed by all his colleagues. Rest in peace John. Our thoughts go out to your family at this very sad time. An obituary for John will appear in the June Newsletter.  

  • News Item 2: THE REPAINT Pt 3.  The current ‘lock-down’ situation has effectively put all further major work on indefinite hold, however, it is hoped to carry out small scale painting on the easier to reach areas. The application of the RAF logos and lettering which are planned to be applied professionally, may have to wait until next year when hopefully all the paintwork will be completed and the Covid-19 restrictions lifted. 

  • News Item 3: NEWSLETTER 11. Planned for distribution at the beginning of June, may now ‘hit the newstands’ a little later than anticipated because of a revision to the planned edition following our recent loss of John. Please bear with us but we will make every effort to be out on time however it is dependent on our new ‘slot time’ at the printers.

  • Update 1: reCAPTCHA.  Some of you may have noticed that the reCAPTCHA security declaration has now moved to a 2-part system requiring additional input by identifying parts of a photograph. Like all organisations who maintain a website we are bombarded with some pretty appalling spam from the ‘low-life’ that has little to do other than be a nuisance. reCAPTCHA doesn’t solve the problem completely but does go someway to relieving it.


  • Update 2: DONATIONS. In response to a number of requests for the facility to make donations to XM496 from the website, a minor modification to the ‘Form’ has been made under the Title Heading MEMBERSHIP OR DONATIONS. Please follow the instruction to differentiate your requirement and may we thank you most sincerely for your kindness. Any monies donated are used entirely for the upkeep of the aircraft.

  • News Item 3: DEHUMIDIFIER. The newly acquired dehumidifier, generously supplied by a member, will be shortly installed on the flight deck giving us a total of 3 in continuous operation throughout the aircraft. The new appliance is of a smaller size than those in the cabin so as to ensure little or no intrusion for visitors to the ‘sharp end’, but appears to be no less efficient. The condensation problem associated with the winter months has been vastly reduced. We expect to go down to one in operation during the summer months dependent on the actual weather.

  • News Item 4: ELECTRICS. As reported in the last bulletin we are installing new cabling and distribution boxes to ensure we can run a minimum of three 2000 watt heaters on future winter opening days. Work will commence the week beginning the 11th May.  

  • News Item 5: ATTENDANCE AT FUTURE AVIATION EVENTS. It is planned to give more exposure to ‘Regulus’ at future Air Events to publicise not only our ‘raison d’être’  but also to increase the membership of the ‘Friends of The Britannia’. To this end we have invested in a portable gazebo and a 2m folding table. It is also hoped to source two easel-style metal display/white boards for presentations plus a 6ft high advertising banner. The first event was to be at the Abingdon Airshow on Sunday 17th May followed by the Cotswold Fly-In on the weekend of the 30th and 31st May but BOTH EVENTS HAVE NOW BEEN CANCELLED OWING TO ‘COVID-19’ RESTRICTIONS.